Brett Caldwell


Brett “Squints” Caldwell – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals

Brett is from Hamilton, Ontario and has been playing guitar for over fifteen years. Heavily inspired by The Blues and Rock, he strives for great tone and sweet riffs to make you wanna get up and groove. Brett is an indispensable part of the five piece due to his ability to harmonize incredibly well which allows the band as a whole to add another dimension of sound and dynamic to what we do. Once your ears get a chance to have a listen to his smoky, resonant tone you won’t be able to resist his guitar licks.  Brett has been a Manwons member since its inception in 2010 and has also lent his musical creativity to such bands as Johnny 5 Is Alive. Brett is also currently playing the bass guitar in Atlantic A.M. And Fake The Future.

Birthday: September 27
Place Of Birth:  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Siblings: 2 younger brothers.  Kyle and Dean.  Both wicked musicians.
Instruments: Guitar, Bass.
Started playing guitar: 16
First guitar:  Hondo strat copy.
First guitar bought:  The first guitar I bought is also the only guitar        I’ve bought.  It’s my Midnight Wine Mexican Strat.
Bands prior to The Man Wons:  Dennis Adrenaline.
Favorite Man Wons songs:  Original: Haha.  We only have one.
Cover: Gold on the Ceiling.  Wish we would play it more.
Favorite place: somewhere by a lake
Favorite car: don’t have one
Favorite Food: Korean: Dak Galbi (닭갈비)
Other: Chicken Shawarma
Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad, Family Guy, Seinfeld

Favorite Movie: Not sure.  Liked the Matrix when I was younger. Interstellar was cool.  Recently, I liked Deadpool
Favorite Book: Anything by Carl Sagan.

Most prized possession: don’t really have one.
Favorite sport: Hockey and soccer.

What Brett wants on his tombstone: “It was fun”