Ken Vantour

Ken “Shark Tooth” Vantour – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Ken comes to Korea from Ottawa, Ontario and picked up his first six string after hearing the guitar solo from Van Halen’s “Ice Cream Man” when he was thirteen. His influences range from Neil Diamond to Metallica but the biggest are Eddie Van Halen, Alex Lifeson, James Hetfield, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He has been with The Manwons since it’s very beginning in 2010 and has lent his talents to other bands such as Johnny 5 Is Alive. Ken’s tasty riffs and pinch harmonics will certainly get your attention at our next gig. As the eldest member his main role in the band is making sure he stays awake during practice.

Birthday: June 30

Place Of Birth:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Siblings: 1 older brother, Rick.  He owns a School of Rock in Ottawa and plays bass.

Instruments: Guitar, Ukelele, Bass.

Started playing guitar: 13 years old.

First guitar:  Sanox stratocastor copy.  I still have it but it’s in pieces.

Ken with his Kramer Focus 6000

Ken with his Kramer Focus 6000

First guitar bought:  The first guitar I bought with my own money was a Kramer Focus 6000.  I worked at Dairy Queen to get the money to buy it.  I still have that, too.  I even used it in Korea with my other band Johnny 5.

Riff he wishes he’d written: Ain’t talking ’bout love (Van Halen), Keep Yourself Alive (Queen)

Bands prior to The Man Wons:  None.

Favorite Man Wons songs:  Original: The Grave.

 Cover: Knights of Cydonia

Favorite place: A little town in Ontario called Huntsville, at my buddy Steve’s cottage.

Favorite car: The Golden Egg, a million year old Matiz that James Greig gave me.

Favorite Food: Korean: Kimchi Jiggae (김치찌개)

 Other: Anything Mexican

Favorite TV show: Happy Days, Breaking Bad, Family Guy 

Favorite Movie: This is Spinal Tap31SE0NFW00L._SY300_




Favorite Book: Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard

Ken with Lemmy

Ken with Lemmy


Most prized possession: My framed photo

of me and Lemmy.




Favorite sport: I’m Canadian.  Whaddya think?


What Ken wants on his tombstone: “See!  I told you I was sick!”