Justin James

Justin”Diva” James – Lead Vocals

Justin is from Massachusetts and has been belting out notes since the late 90’s. Son of a washed up lounge singer Justin always felt like his D.N.A. was filled with stardust. He started singing in All State Chorus and moved on to theme parks where he learned to carve his vocal range into stone. Justin has been the lead in bands such as JeenFreek, and GS 25’s. His biggest influences are Beck, Radiohead, and   early Weezer. His powerful vocal range and untapped voice will impress the most discerning of critics. Justin has the power to transform any audience through space and time into a place of pure teenage angst.

Birthday: October 17th

Place Of Birth:  Springfield, Ma, USA USA!

Siblings: 1 sister, Courtney, just graduated from UMASS.

Instruments: Only the ability to sing

Started singing: I always sang from a young child, but I didn’t really sing in front of lots of people until about 13.

First singing memory:  I sang ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ in a packed steakhouse with the house band.  I was 4.

justin young

Justin hasn’t changed a bit

 Lyrics I wish I wrote:   Fiona Apple-Paper Bag, John Lennon-Imagine,Beck-Loser

Bands prior to The Man Wons:  None.

Favorite Man Wons songs:  Original: The next one

 Cover: Kids

Favorite place: Amsterdam

Favorite car: 1970’s Pacer628x471

Favorite Food: Korean: Dalk Galbi

 Other: Chinese

Favorite TV show: The Sopranos

Favorite Movie: The Shining

Favorite Book: The Lord Of The Rings

 Most prized possession: My health

Favorite sport: Tom Brady

What Justin wants on his tombstone: “Magic Johnson Aids”