Jude Falcon

Jude “The Don” Falcon – Drums and Percussion                                                                                                            

 Jude hails from southern Louisiana, the birthplace of Jazz, and began hitting things with sticks from the time he could hold an object. He acquired his first drum set when he was twelve and has been rocking’ out since then. Jude taught himself to play the instrument and does so to this present day. His biggest influences are The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Foo Fighters, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Blondie, Rush and Garbage. Jude manages The Manwons along with providing the thunderous beat behind the guitars and vocals. Before becoming the most recent inductee he lent the backbeat to such bands as Dodi’s Love Buttons, The Pack Rats, Johnny 5 is Alive, and Sonic Boom.  He is also currently sticking for The Bump City Band. With his warm punchy attack you certainly won’t be able to ignore the boom boom clap.

Birthday: October 3rd

Place Of Birth:  Baton Rouge,Louisiana

Siblings: 1 Younger Brother, John

Instruments: Drums


Little Jude rockin’ his first drum kit!

Started playing guitar: 12 years old.

First Drum Kit: CB 700 5 piece kit, black

First Drum kit bought: Pearl Export series 5 piece in white with a Gibralter Drum RackRack With Sabian and Zildjian cymbals. I still own it.

Beat he wishes he’d written: Radar Love

Bands prior to The Man Wons:  Dodi’s Love Buttons, Stiffler’s Mom, Sonic Boom, The Packrats, Johnny 5 Is Alive

Favorite Man Wons songs:  Original: Too Big 2 Fail

 Cover: Blue Monday

Favorite place: The park on a sunny day.

Favorite car: 1969 Chevelle SS


Korean BBQ

Favorite Food: Korean: BBQ

Other: Bacon

Favorite TV show: Vinyl, Homeland, Breaking Bad

Favorite Movie: Rambo: First Blood

Favorite Book: The Stand

Most prized possession: My Penis and my sweet butt

Favorite sport: Cross fit

What Jude wants on his tombstone: “I will haunt the shit out of you”