James Greig

James “The Closer” Greig – Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

James hails from Canada and even though he’s lived in five different provinces he considers Toronto his home. His interest in music is lifelong and his participation in it began in the 90’s with a few short lived and sporadic indie rock ventures. After coming to the R.O.K. and determined to forget music and stay away from Rock “N” Roll, he was called to hold down the low end for Buzzard Luck from 2010 – 2014, experimented with controlled anarchy in The Fabulous Pendejos, and has also played with The Ajumma Bottle Rockets, and The GS 25’s. His influences vary from John Paul Jones, Steve Harris, Peter Hook, Jah Wobble, Ron Carter, and Adam Yauch who have all influenced and fed his love for the bass. His sweet low end tone and in time playing allows everyone else to sound great around a centered groove machine such as himself. James brings order to the rock galaxy so that band mates and audience members can feel comfortable losing themselves in the moment.

Birthday: September 23

Place Of Birth:  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Siblings: 2 older brothers (both play guitar), 1 older sister (piano player, current singer/songwriter, keyboard player for West Coast quartet Lurq)

Instruments:  Bass, dabble with guitar and keyboards



Started playing bass: Early 20s. Didn’t really start playing seriously until 5 or 6 years ago

First bass:  First started playing on my friend’s Rickenbacker

First bass bought:  Ibanez. Don’t know the model. The cheapest one Long &McQuade had at the time.

Riff he wishes he’d written: “Charge.” Think of the royalties I could have amassed!

Bands prior to The Man Wons:  Buzzard Luck, The Fabulous Pendejos, The Ajumma Bottle Rockets, The GS25s, PISS, Father’s Day, Sleep, The Secret Elephants, and a bunch of projects that never quite happened but almost did in a variety of contexts.

Favorite Man Wons songs:  Original: Too Big 2 Fail

 Cover: Get Free

Favorite place: The beach near my parent’s old home on the Sunshine Coast in B.C., Canada.

Favorite car: The Golden Egg, a million year oldMatiz that I gave to Ken.


Kamja Tang

Favorite Food: Korean: Kamja Tang

 Other: Seafood

Favorite TV show: Sports, News, or Hidden Singer

Favorite Movie: The Godfather

Favorite Book: FICTION: The Deptford Trilogy, by Robertson Davies

NON-FICTION: The Face of Battle, by John Keegan

POETRY: Paradise Lost, by John Miltonmilton





Most prized possession: Family photo albums dating back to the early 20th Century

James' elementary school photo. Hockey fans will understand

James’ elementary school photo. Hockey fans will understand

Favorite sport: Hockey

What James wants on his tombstone: “Hey I didn’t eat the salmon mousse!”