Update on the Man Wons


Summer Break

The Man Wons want everyone to have a safe and fun summer.  Enjoy your travels.

As for the us, Ken, James and Brett will be making trips to Canada, Justin is heading to the States in early July and Jude is going somewhere, no one’s quite sure where yet.

The band will be taking a break from shows during the summer.  We will however continue to practice, learning new songs, both originals and some new kick ass covers.  There’s even a chance that we may record a couple of the originals we’ve debuted at some of our recent shows.

So…from all of us in The Man Wons, have a great summer.  Have fun wherever you may be.  We’ll be back in September to melt your faces with Man Wons style RnR.  In the meantime, get out to the clubs and support your local bands and drinking establishments.

Peace and Love,

Brett, James, Jude, Justin and Ken



To keep you in the Man Wons frame of mind, here’s a picture of the three J’s with an elephant.



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