Cops Shut Down Man Wons Gig; Doesn’t Deter Band From Finishing Set Elsewhere

Daejeon, South Korea (Man Wons news)-On January 30th, 1969, The Beatles played one of the most famous concerts in the history of Rock n Roll.  It was on that day that the Fab Four decided to perform an impromptu show on the rooftop of their Apple studios.  The now legendary show lasted a mere 42 minutes and was the last time the Beatles performed in public as a foursome.


The Man Wons at Mustangs (Photo credit: Dodi L. Falcon)

Skip ahead to April 30th, 2016.  At 11:30 PM in a small pizza restaurant/craft beer pub called Mustang Pizza and Beer in the Dunsan Dong region of Daejeon, South Korea, five members of the rock band The Man Wons started what would turn out be an historic evening.

After a great set by Atlantic AM, which included a broken bass drum pedal (A pre-cursor of what was to follow), the Man Wons took the stage.  As the band settled into one of their best sets in months, guitarist Ken Vantour took a look out the window behind the stage.

“I saw the owners of Mustang out on the street below talking to a couple of Daejeon’s finest “, Vantour said.  “I thought “Geez,, this can’t be good!”  I mentioned to James (Greig, bassist) that the cops were outside.  He smiled and said “Good!  Let’s rock!””


About to be shut down. (Photo credit: Dodi)

As the band launched into a rocking version of Muse’s Knights of Cydonia, one of the owners approached the stage with a message on his cell phone for Man Wons vocalist Justin James.

“It was so strange,” recalls James.  “I’m singing Knights and this dude shoves his phone in my face.  All I saw was ‘police’ and ‘stop’. ”

James made the announcement after the song that The Man Wons had been shut down by the police.  After band members quelled the near-riotous crowd of 20, a quick phone call was made to Jonathan, the owner of another local watering hole called Watering Ghost.

“Jonathan, bless his heart, invited us to come and finish our set at his establishment,” said drummer Jude Falcon.  “So, we all jumped in a cab and a bunch of the fans from Mustang headed over to Watering Ghost to finish our set.”

Justin James, after the move to Watering Ghost (Photo credit: DLF

Justin James, after the move to Watering Ghost (Photo credit: DLF

Said guitarist Brett Caldwell, “The can try to quiet us, but they can’t stop us!”

The band played 11 more songs to a surprised yet delirious crowd at Watering Ghost.

“It was definitely one of our better sets,” says Greig.  “We had something top prove.  We fought the law, and we kicked their ass!”

Liam Roper and Steven Feigenbaum were two of the fans that attended both shows.

“Epic doesn’t begin to describe it,” said Feigenbaum, sporting a Man Wons T-shirt.

“This is what Rock and Roll is all about,” added Roper.  “They (The Man Wons) could not and would not be stopped.  It was a show for the ages.”

Unlike The Beatles, this was not The Man Wons last show.  It was, we imagine, the last Rock and Roll show at Mustang Pizza and Beer.

Thanks to Jonathan and the Watering Ghost crazies!! (Photo: Dodi)

Thanks to Jonathan and the Watering Ghost crazies!! (Photo: Dodi)


Part 1

setlist 4.30

Original Setlist for Mustang Pizza and Beer

Mustang Pizza and Beer

Lonely Boy

I Think We’re Alone Now

Hey Jealousy

Joker and the Thief

Last Night (with guest vocals from Atlantic AM’s Matt Ross)

Knights of Cydonia

(Cops shut it down)

Matt Ross taking over Last Night (DODI)

Matt Ross taking over Last Night (DODI)


Watering Ghost

Lonely Boy

Knights of Cydonia

7 Nation Army


Dani California


Too Big Too Fail (original song)

Blue Monday



All These Things






  1. Jude Falcon · May 1, 2016

    Rock N Roll Bitches!


  2. Pauly C Eun · May 1, 2016

    Haha nice! Do I get a prize if can guess the author of this article?


  3. Sacha · May 1, 2016

    Keep on rockin in daejon🎶😜😜


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